At C.W. Owens Enterprises we buy and sell used truck tires of all sizes and grades. We also carry some wheels. We pick up and deliver to most locations in the southeastern United States. We would also be interested in filling containers for exporting. As you can see from our photo, we are a family business. C.W. and wife Phyllis do most of the buying, selling, and long distance deliveries. Soraya our daughter, Makayla and Miciah make the short deliveries. Daniel our son-in-law does the most important thing of all, he inspects each tire to make sure it meets our standard of high quality before it is sent out. If you are interested in buying or selling please call 1-800-869-1372 or fax us at 256-442-0502.

Our goals are to:

  • Reach people who are interested in exporting used truck tires, casings and new retreads by container load.
  • Reach truck stops who are interested in buying good used truck tires and new retreads.
  • Speak with anyone who is interested in buying or selling used truck tires and casings.
  • Reach retreaders who are interested in quality casings.
  • (We do not deal in passenger tires.)

Truck Stops:

C.W. Owens Enterprises wholesales all sizes of used truck tires and new retreads. We have been supplying truck stops with used tires since 1987. We have an adjustment ratio of less than two percent.
C.W. Owens Enterprises has 3 different grades of used truck tires. We grade our tires by the over all quality of the casing it's self, not the tread. We do warranty all our tires. Please call 1-800-869-1372 for current prices.

Call for sizes that are available for import.

Fleet Tire Consulting:
Guaranteed cost per mile.

Truck tires supplied for fleet at guaranteed cost per mile are only available in southeastern United States.

Scrap Tire Consulting:
Call for information on low cost removal from your location.

Scrap Tire Removal Programs:
We remove tires by grade and size at a lower cost per tire.

Scrap Tire Management On Your Property:
We sort and load tires at your property at a lower cost to you.

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